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Welcome to Governor Baxter, a Maine company making your life a little better. The way it should be. close

Hand-crafted products for a good life. Made in Maine, of course.
The way our great-uncle, Governor Baxter, would want it.

Governor Baxter® LLC.

1A Maine company making good stuff for a good life. Governor Baxter loved his dogs, so that’s where we began—with dog-friendly beds of high quality. And more.

Baxters at the Helm

2The great grandchildren of Percival Baxter’s father carry forward his respect and celebration of all things Maine.

Maine Made

3We make our products with the collaboration of companies and artisans right here in Maine. That’s the only way to stay true to Governor Baxter’s vision.

Natural and Vintage

4No leather, no “tech” fabrics. We like wax cotton canvas, kapok, and organic silk. We even repurpose vintage WWII military blankets. We respect the environment.

Our Products